My new book, Glimpses of Magonia: A Memoir of My Anomalous Experiences, is now available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats!

Cover of "Glimpses of Magonia" book by Emma Woods


An anomalous experiencer’s life is complicated.

Unnerving events, profoundly at odds with our current mainstream view of reality, periodically intrude into everyday life. In doing so, they offer tantalizing views of otherworldly realms that we do not yet understand.

In Glimpses of Magonia, Emma Woods shares her deeply personal journey navigating a lifetime of disconcerting yet transformative anomalous experiences. Her story provides a unique insight into what drives experiencers like her to seek answers in the UFO field.

Woods further documents groundbreaking research on UFO sightings, alien encounters, and the paranormal. The intriguing results provide important additional clues as to how the supernatural enigma operates in our world.

NOTE: This book does not cover any events that occurred after Woods approached the UFO field. Rather, it is an account of her experiences from early childhood onward that ultimately led her there.


“The Emma Woods case is the most important and influential alien abduction saga in a generation. The only thing missing was a full accounting of the intricacies in her own words. Now, it has arrived. Ufology will never be the same again.”
author of I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction

“Ms. Woods embarks on a journey through her own private ‘twilight zone’ … The result is a fascinating journalistic and personal look at the life of a writer living at the very edge of reality.”
coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Day After Roswell

“The author’s compelling ability to tell a story about herself so it’s not about her draws one in. A sane, sober, and sentient telling of what she has endured.”
former columnist for UFO Magazine

“In Glimpses of Magonia the author shares her efforts to explore not only her experiences but her very roots and sense of self. Between the lines lies a story of an indomitable woman’s attempts to construct a working model of actuality.”
author of The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community

“While offering no easy answers to a lifetime of anomalous events, Glimpses of Magonia reveals the author’s courageous determination to record and come to understand the resonant mysteries of her own human experiences.”
coauthor of Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility, and Transgenic Beings

“A richly detailed, first-person memoir of a woman determined to uncover the truths underlying her lifetime of profoundly transformative anomalous experiences.”
retired professor of microbiology


Some Other Sphere

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Some Other Sphere: Episode 86 – Emma Woods – Glimpses of Magonia

My guest for this episode is Emma Woods, author of Glimpses of Magonia, a memoir of the disconcerting yet transformative anomalous events that she has experienced all through her life.

The book provides a unique insight into what motivates people like her to seek answers in areas of paranormal research, to help better understand the meaning of those experiences.

In the interview, I start by talking with Emma about the title of the book and what that means to her. From there we talk more about the experiences themselves, the way that Emma recollected them, and how she learned to understand what they might mean. Some of these happened at very difficult times in Emma life and as I’m sure you can imagine, it was a privilege to talk with her about such personal matters.

We end the interview by talking about some mysterious files sent to her by a Ufologist friend, which seemed to indicate the existence of a very unusual project at NASA – and whether these were genuine, or another example of disinformation being spread among the Ufology community.

Some Other Sphere


The Alien UFO Podcast

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The Alien UFO Podcast Ep32 Emma Woods

This week I’m talking to Emma Woods about her book Glimpses of Magonia: A Memoir of My Anomalous Experiences.

The Alien UFO Podcast

Paranormal Stories Ep26

This week the books are Glimpses of Magonia: A Memoir of My Anomalous Experiences’by Emma Woods and Past Lives: The Evolution of the Soul by Paul Williamson.

Paranormal Stories

The Experience

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The Experience with Jeremy Vaeni: Glimpses of Magonia

Emma Woods is the experiencer who famously broke off ties to David Jacobs before he could feature her in his upcoming book because she realized he was going off the rails in his approach. What most people don’t realize is that she kept a record of all of her experiences and possibly related phenomena that she recalled prior to their hypnosis sessions. Glimpses of Magonia is that record and it is as thorough as it is fascinating.

Now, in this exclusive first interview since her book’s release, Emma and host Jeremy Vaeni take us to places we’ve never gone. Let’s go to Magonia!

The Experience

The following images, videos, and audio clips pertain to events detailed in Glimpses of Magonia.

Chapter 3: A Family Inheritance

One of my relatives talking about how she has had many unusual experiences, including precognition.
One of my relatives talking about a “missing time” experience that he had.

Chapter 8: Medical Mysteries

A video about my precognitive dream of an earthquake in the former Soviet Union, including witness testimony by my late first husband.

Chapter 10: Body Marks

November 12, 2002: Burn on Arm

A photo of an unexplained burn on Emma Woods' right forearm on November 12, 2002.
The burn on my right forearm.

February 28, 2007: Cut and Bruise on Forearm

A photo of a straight cut and bruise on Emma Woods' left forearm on February 28, 2007.
The straight cut and bruise on my left forearm.

August 12, 2018: Scratch on Back

A photo of two circular bright yellow fluorescent stains on Emma Woods's bedding.
The yellow fluorescent stains on the duvet cover.
A photo of two circular bright yellow fluorescent stains seen under a black light on Emma Woods's bedding.
The yellow fluorescent stains seen under the black light.
A video clip of the yellow fluorescent stains.

Body Marks Slideshow

A slideshow of some of my unexplained body marks.

Chapter 19: Alien Footprints

A photo of a footprint on Emma Woods's front porch mat.
The footprint on the doormat outside the front door of my old apartment.
A photo and sketch of two scuffed footprints in Emma Woods' hallway.
Two of the footprints scuffed together in the hallway just inside the front door. The top and bottom photos are the same photo. In the top one, I have traced over the approximate shapes in the footprints to show them more clearly.
A photo and sketch of two scuffed footprints in Emma Woods' hallway.
Another view of the same two footprints scuffed together.
A photo and sketch of a footprint in Emma Woods' hallway.
One of the footprints halfway down the hallway. The flat end at the top faced towards the front door, and the pointed end at the bottom faced towards the interior of my apartment. If they were walking into my apartment from the front door, this would mean that the pointed end was at the front of the footprint. This photo had a color cast on it that was removed, so the color of the footprint in the photo is slightly lighter than it was in reality.
A photo and sketch of a footprint in Emma Woods' hallway.
Another footprint at the end of the hallway. This photo also had a color cast on it that was removed, so the color of the footprint in the photo is also slightly lighter than it was in reality.
A photo of footprints on the floor in front of Emma Woods' sofa.
The cluster of footprints in front of the sofa.

Chapter 20: White Lady Portent

My friend, H., confirming that I told him about the “white lady” apparition, which may have been a portent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chapter 21: Red Eye Foreseen

My friend, H., confirming that I told him about my premonition involving President Donald J. Trump and the red eye not long before the actual events occurred. NOTE: H. says in the audio file that I told him at 11:45 a.m. in New Zealand and that this was at 4:45 p.m. eastern time in the US. However, it was actually at 6:45 p.m. in the US.

Chapter 23: Witness Testimony

The video of the cat door opening by itself.
A photo of Emma Woods' cats: Luna, Callie, Pixie, and Misty
Our cats, Misty (top left), Luna (top right), Callie (bottom left), and Pixie (bottom right).
The video of the door moving by itself.


Will Bueché designed the book’s beautiful cover. He describes the design and his thought processes that went into it in his online portfolio:

Will Bueché: Portfolio